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Getting Stuck at Setting New Year’s Goals? Let’s Dive Deep into It.

Getting Stuck at Setting New Year’s Goals? Let’s Dive Deep into It.

Talking about goals can be a daunting thing! During a get-together with my friends, I asked them about their goals for 2024. Reflecting on our last conversations about New Year's Resolutions for 2023 inspired me to share some ideas about goal setting.

It's a common cycle where we often find ourselves setting New Year's goals, only to feel disappointed when we sit down on New Year's Eve, realizing that we haven't achieved what we initially planned. Whether it's getting into shape, finding a better job, saving more to buy a house, or traveling—YOU NAME IT! There's a multitude of things we all want to cross off our Wishlist.

To further explore how to set goals effectively, let’s answer some questions here:

1.     What are some of your goals in the new year? Let’s list them! (Gather Ideas)

For example, some of my clients often struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and lack of motivation after experiencing acute trauma. The goals that are important for some to achieve might be: coping with chronic fatigue effectively, feeling more connected with their families, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, etc.

2.     Looking at these goals now, why do you think you picked these goals? (Reflecting Values)

For some people who want to cope with various concerns about their health, it's very clear that fitness is a core value that is important for them at their stage of life. For others who want to feel more confident about themselves, it might not be hard to say that they value self-development for the year 2024. What do you want to value the most in 2024?

3.     From these goals that you have listed, pick three goals that are most important to you. (Prioritize Your Values)

Your job now is to pick only three that you feel are most important to you at this stage of your life (Let’s be realistic; you cannot do it all!). What would they be?

4.     What is one thing that you can do each day in 2024 to reach this goal? (Value-based Achievable Actions)

If you picked fitness as one of the most important values, what is one thing you could do to improve your total well-being? It can be different for everyone. Now all you need to do is complete one task a day that is driven by your value.

Here is a list of values that you can look at and pick some that resonate with you! Or think of your own values and put them into practice!

Connection Forgiveness Kindness

Compassion Honesty Fun

Acceptance Open-mindedness Flexibility

Freedom Independence Your value?

Challenge Romance Your value?

Fitness Self-awareness Your value?

Happy New Year!


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